A young and energetic pioneer in combining innovative fashion and cutting-edge technology. Not only in creating unique projects and collections, but also in bringing these to life by using techniques such as virtual and augmented reality. She has a strong vision on the clothing of the future and how it can add value to our daily lives. To achieve more and think further, Jasna likes working closely together with professional partners from around the globe.

These collaborations and projects brought her a lot of recognition and exposure. As a result, she received various awards, gives lectures and gets invited to big events in different fields.

In January 2016, aged 23, she founded Jasna Rok, the first Fash Tech design studio in Belgium.

Jasna Rok provides a window to show the endless possibilities of technology and science today, by making them visible, tangible and understandable for the big audience through interactive fashion.



  • 2016  Winner of Henri Winkelmanaward ’16, Rotterdam

  • 2016 Special mention on Fashion Hackday Berlin

  • 2015 Nominated for Drempelprijs, Youngblood award,
    fashionpromise, appointed as favorite of Belmodo

  • 2015 Second place at Bachelor Awards ’15, Rotterdam

  • 2015 Winner of the “the future of fashion award” & exhibition of “ The annunaki” at Boijmans –   Van Beuningen , Rotterdam

  • 2012 Winner of Samsung “Fashion Reporter” contest for FW’13 in Amsterdam

  • 2011 Winner of “Wie wordt de nieuwe styliste van Francesca Vanthielen?” issued by fashion retailer Firelle



Exhibition and  “Fashion as an interface to the digital dimensions” seminar at #FashionTech Berlin 2017


Seminar at Antwerp Management School

Seminar at Dutch Design Week

Masterclasses for Deutsche Telekom for Fashion Fusion

Exhibition at the Innovations Fair Genk

Jasna Rok Interactive and immersive experience for Fashion Lab Pro at Fashion Week Amsterdam

First international Fashion Hackday Berlin

Exhibition Tec Art @ WORM Rotterdam

Speaker and immersive experience/exhibition at Future Generation, Amsterdam Fashion Week

8 Interactive and immersive experiences for Kunst @ Rode Kruis, at TIO3 Belgium in cooperation with Panamarenko, Berlinde de Bruyckere, Luc Tuymans,…

Designed Panamarenko Coffee couture collection

Designed The Suicide Club collection



Exhibition and seminar of “Fashion On Brainwaves” collection: Fashion event, Sellona dellea moda, fashion finals, Rotterdam.

First professional Fashion movie: FOB, “Fashion On Brainwaves”, recorded in Antwerp. Afterward internationally picked up and shown at exhibitions and fashion and tech events: “Modebeloften ‘15” Eindhoven, Gogbot festival in Enschede, …

Design and creation of high-end personalised hydrophobic workwear for international rooftop bar The Suicide Club, Rotterdam

Featured in documentary about “smart clothing” on Belgium’s number one TV Channel Eén for the television program “Koppen”

Development and creation of new and innovative project: Fashion on Brainwaves (FOB), Rotterdam

Participation FashionClash with Exaltation, shown on Fashion Film Night Out, the showpiece exhibition and live performance, Maastricht

Exhibition with “Exaltation” project, Citizen M Hotel, Rotterdam

Solo exhibition with hydrophobic collection and photos at Gallery “De Groene Hond “ Mechelen (BE)



Jose Cordova


Jose Cordova has a passion for science and technology. The past three years, he has been focusing on prototyping and robotics. His knowledge has been put to good use in several start-ups, including Jasna Rok.

The urge to become an entrepreneur brought Jose to Antwerp Startup Weekend FashTech, where he was on the winning team. This experience introduced him to the fashion & technology industry. During the same FashTech weekend, he also discovered Jasna Rok’s ‘Fashion on Brainwaves’ collection.

Jose Cordova regards the human body as a source of information and energy. His desire to collect this information in a non-intrusive way sparked his interest in the combination of fashion and technology. He believes that smart textiles/fibers are the basis for a human-computer interface.

He explores ways to implement emerging technologies, such as 360° photography, Virtual and Augmented Reality, and so on into our daily lives in order to take user experience to the next level.

His interests: biometrics, biomimicry, exoskeletons, etcetera.

His technical skills: 3D printing, 3D design, electronics design, microcontroller programmer, 360° photography/video, VR/AR explorer, …

Cedric Bloem


A designer and visual communicator that isn’t afraid to think big and focuses on strong visual communication. Transforming- or supporting words with a perfectly fitted visual is what I do. Working with no boundries, I focus on the purpose and the ideal visual choice, whether it’s by creating a website, graphic design, video or any other option