Jasna Rok is all about the future.

As innovative pioneers, we are often invited to deliver lectures, to set up shows and to organise workshops to spread our vision on future fashion and technology. We’re constantly developing innovative & conceptual insights on the cutting edge of fash & tech, bringing these revolutionary ideas to life in our own disruptive design collections.

We love professional collaborations with fashion and technology brands and academic partners from around the globe. Jasna Rok uses robotics, electronics, smart textiles, 2D, 3D and virtual reality to make all of the above happen.
We inspire our customers to embrace the magic of technology, combined with the beauty of design.




Blended innovation specialist with a multi-disciplinary core team


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If you want to bring groundbreaking ideas to the world by integrating new beauty and functionality through the use of smart textiles, electronics and science, you need great expertise and extensive know-how. Jasna Rok stands for blended innovation of science and fashion in technique and materials. Jasna creates a modern view on wearable technology, smart textiles and innovative data visualisation.

Together with a widely developed network, she is dedicated to designing and prototyping innovative concepts and garments and bring these to the world in an exhibition, show, event or demo product. We offer consultancy services in research, design and development in fashion & technology. Furthermore we give professional advice in cool hunting and trend watching, new media services and creating experiences.

Jasna Rok talk at Fashiontech Berlin 2017
As a visionary and creative pioneer, Jasna Rokegem is your perfect public speaker to inspire the audience with her vision on the future of fashion. With her energy and work she is able to take the spectators on a path into the future and show them new trends and new possibilities.

Using her research and examining the relationship between fashion, technology and science, she sees and finds solutions for everyday challenges and completely new use cases for existing offerings.

Jasna inspires your audience on: big data and data visualisation through fashion & technology, long-term sustainability in fashion, self-reflection through fashion and technology, solutions that help in the struggle to fight epilepsy and concentration disorders, open innovation, co-creation,… And so much more!

Experience: RE:PUBLICA, Fashion Talks on Fashion Week Amsterdam, Ted x Ghent, and so on.

Hologram Jasna Rok futurism
Jasna Rok is partnering with companies that share its vision and bring its own specialised expertise to our collaborations in different fields: sports, entertainment, sustainability, healthcare, etcetera. Together, we are committed to building the most creative, innovative fashion & technology. Working closely with companies in the field of science and innovation, Jasna Rok aims to blend fashion and technology giving life to scientific based creations.

There’s so much fundamental and applied research that never gets translated into real life applications, while the potential is incredibly high! The gap between research and the rest of society is still too large. That’s not a surprise as the exponential increase in knowledge and technology demands from researchers to be very specialised. So we need people who learn to speak the languages of several disciplines to enable them to build bridges. Jasna Rok can initiate, facilitate and realise these collaborations.



During our exhibition at #FashionTech Berlin, we provided our visitors the opportunity to experience fashion in a virtual world through our Jasna Rok VR cardboard. This allows a worldwide audience the unique opportunity to view our fashion collection in a virtual dimension. Digital fashion design is the future!

To create something tangible and lifelike, we presented an interactive runway at #FashionTech: a hologram of Exaltation. With augmented reality and holograms, we would not have to depend on time and place. It could be showcased anywhere in the world at the same time. With Jasna Rok, we are bridging the world of fashion and technology together.

In collaboration with JUWL, we created a holographic experience with a smart touchpad. This 360-degree illusion is created by the reflection of the product and the surface of the pyramid. The real fashion magic happens… by not only making the clothes interactive but also the hologram. The real – time interaction is made possible by a web application and smart sensors on smartphones that can track the position of the pyramid. This makes it possible to change the color, size, and shape of the clothing.




















(E)motional Fashion regards fashion as a tool for inventing new ways to communicate nonverbally: it serves as an interface governed by our mental and bodily expressions. Will it be possible to control or project ourselves into another entity in the future? With this question in mind, we created a wearable piece that enables two subjects to share and expand their emotions.

One subject, who acts as the controller, is connected to sensors, while the other, who wears the garment, takes on the role of the avatar. The latter becomes an extension of the body and the mind of the former. This project blurs the boundaries between physical and digital fashion, and it undermines the notion of the individual by abstractly visualising emotions.

This piece is the final garment of the ‘Fashion on Brainwaves’ collection by fashion designer Jasna Rokegem. It’s the result of a yearlong investigation of our increasingly digitised lives, plastic surgery, and the research of psychologist Paul Ekman, who is known for identifying six core emotions (joy, surprise, sadness, anger, disgust, and fear). The piece was developed during Fashion Hack Day Berlin 2016 together with José Andrés Cordova Alvear, René Bohne, Rudolf Arnold, Bernardo Noisy Pig Santarelli, Carmem Saito and Marc Baumheier, and in collaboration with the Ghent Centre for Microsystems Technology.


With “FOB” we are exploring the connection between fashion and brain technology. The silhouettes are a primitive prototype to expose the procedures of the brain and how emotions can be presented in a fashion design. This morphing fashion is a second skin (of the brain) and a way to investigate the new aesthetics and beauty ideals (an extension of cosmetic surgery) applied to fashion and self-expressions, which could lead to a new way of communicating.

Right from the start, Jasna Rok’s research was picked up by Belgian television and was featured in the documentary ‘Smart clothing’.

‘Fashion on Brainwaves’ was part of Jasna Rokegem’s graduation project under the supervision of e-textile designer ContreChoc. Her research earned her the second place in the Bachelors Awards. Jasna Rok is searching for new ways to showcase innovative fashion and pioneers in using new media and technologies in her collection. Since its creation, ‘Fashion on Brainwaves’ has been featured in three fashion films, and has been transformed into both a Virtual Reality experience and a hologram. This collection, which has been an inspiration for many people, encouraged Jasna Rok to give seminars, performances, shows and exhibitions on several famous events, from Fashion Week, Tech events and Fashion film festivals, to Innovation centers and even insurance companies.

Jasna Rok Focus Factory


‘Focus Factory’ has been conceived as a real-time application that reads your brainwaves to increase your focus and optimise your time. Each time you lose focus, we bring you back on track. If your attention wavers, the app suggests taking a break (have a coffee, go for a run, take a power nap, …). Afterwards, we measure your focus again. Thanks to our database and the process of machine learning, the app gets to know you better and better. As soon as you need it, it will suggest the right break for you. We can go even further and predict your most productive hours, so you can plan ahead to make the most of your days.


‘Focus Factory’ won prestigious awards at Startup Weekend Fashion and Technology Antwerp in 2015, and was presented at Fashion Week Amsterdam, Tech Startup Day Brussels, Night of the Entrepreneurs, and many other events.

Meet the people on the project: José Andrés Cordova Alvear (mechatronics engineer), Antoine Magny (developer and community manager), Joris Heremans (developer, expert in usability), Yannis De Cleene (engineer/developer), Abhineshwar Tomar (scientific researcher, PhD in Artificial Intelligence), Eva Willemen (marketing manager, former product manager for Estee Lauder Companies), Raphaël Weuts (strategy developer, CEO at Where is my bike), Eshan Karimi Rad (business developer), and Jasna Rokegem (futuristic fashion designer). This team downsized to the hardcore team of Jasna Rok.

“Focus factory” braintech will empower some of the most important social and labor experiments currently ongoing, as examplified by ‘Sweden flirting with 6hr working week.
Healthcare Knowledge Broker


‘Exaltation’ is a conceptual project aimed at people who rush through life. These days we don’t have the time to take a moment for ourselves and realize who we really are. Shutting down our brain becomes increasingly difficult. Many people are under a lot of pressure to succeed and go on till they drop.

Stress and feelings of anxiety are also caused by other people, situations, triggers, images, things happening around us.

‘Exaltation’ will shut you down gently, in slow stages, and bring you back in touch with your inner self. The meditative wearable feels like a protective cocoon. When you’re completely relaxed, ‘Exaltation’ pulls back. The goal is to stop running from one place to the next, and be happy instead. Moreover, the project encourages you to do some soul searching and to enjoy the moment.

The ‘Exaltation’ silhouette and the accompanying fashion film have been exhibited all over the Netherlands, Belgium and in Berlin. This project was such a success that it effectively launched Jasna Rok’s career. Moreover, ‘Exaltation’ has been the source of inspiration for the reputable, award-winning ‘Fashion on Brainwaves’ collection. The public got a first glimpse at ‘Exaltation’ at Fashion Clash Maastricht, for which Jasna Rok did a performance at a big department store (‘De Bijenkorf’).

Get an impression of this performance here.

Jasna Rokegem has many talents, including fashion design, modeling and my fave, wearable tech. Her project, Exaltation, is really a personal fashion response to her own life issues. It’s cool to think that your thoughts can control the movement of your outfit, and that’s exactly what Jasna is after.
Leslie Birch


‘Recip. Dig’ is a human-sized touch screen that creates a physical and visual barrier and evokes the feelings of isolation and uncertainty that come with any digital connection. The fingerprint is a residue of touch, while Facebook photos are a residue of a virtual connection. ‘Recip. Dig’ combines two worlds in a single moment, allowing us to touch someone in real life and digitally.

Essentially, this project is based on our shared desire for tactile experiences that are enhanced by technology rather than replaced by it. Offline values should not be compromised by online systems; instead, they should work together to create new, exciting moments.

This union allows our piece to outlive the moment, because the connections will continue to exist on social media.

In 2013, Jasna Rokegem got selected for ‘Unravel the code II’, an interdisciplinary and international cooperation between WdKA students and students enrolled in the Smart Textiles Elective at the Maryland Institute College of Art.

Together with Natasha Berting (graphic designer, Bali) and Sophie Stoerkel (spatial designer, USA), Jasna Rokegem transformed the touch screen into a truly physical experience called ‘Recip. Dig’.

This project was exhibited at the Johns Hopkins gallery and the Lakehouse (Baltimore) and at WdKA (Rotterdam), and was nominated for the Dutch SpinAwards.

``What a visual feast, Jasna’s innovative work provokes unsuspected discoveries, combining the elements as diverse as technology, fashion, movement, communication and interaction in a cohesive powerful statement``.
Professor in Smart Textiles at MICA, USA
vision of future


MindLight is a more practical future tool. It gives you real time neurofeedback on your state of concentration. So with this smart juwel, you are able to train your brain to concentrate. Interesting for people who want to work less, but more productive. Or to help people with a concentration disorder.





frederick_bossuytJury_HenriWinkelmanAward_JasnaRokDriesBols_lifepowerwdkaLode Uytterschaut_startitHendrik_Schicke_VRKingArneSmolders_AcademicLabsKoenKas_InBioVeritastedx
We recently started a co-operation with Jasna Rok who uses our state-of-the-art technologies for smart plastics and smart textiles into innovative concepts for fashion. In this way, we can showcase in a better way the possibilities of our technologies
Frederick Bossuyt
Teamleader Stretchable Electronics @ CMST - IMEC - Ghent University
Motivated, full of ambition and with a strong vision of the future. Besides the direct implementation of research results into practice, she also knows how to create a market and consequently the demand for her products. The jury, being charmed by the way she presents her company and the activities she is performing as a Fashion Tech Designer.
Emily Ansenk
Henri Winkelman Award Jury
Walking around in hi-tech clothing means you need power to keep things running. We can proudly say that we power up Jasna Rok's fashion concepts by supplying them with mobile batterypacks. Their production tools such as VR camera's and laptops stay charged thanks to our portable AC powerpack.
Dries Bols
CEO LifePower
Jasna is thus a pioneer who is really moving the limits of what fashion represents traditionally.” “She makes it perfectly understandable where we can aim to in the future.
Gerrit-jan Vos
Head of fashion department ’15-WDKA
A lot of respect for Jasna. A go-getter who is integrating new technologies into fashion. She gets a lot of approval national and international, we are looking forward to a number of killer products. Good luck!
Lode Uytterschaut
Founder of Start it
How cool would it be to link your inner emotions in real-time with to the outside world via your fashion. Jasna Rok is exactly on the way and already showcasing amazing milestones.
Hendrik Schicke
CEO of VR King UG
Jasna has extraordinary capabilities in understanding new technologies and inventing on the spot an array of highly innovative applications. She is simply an ideal innovation adviser and creator to guide and support universities & research centres in effectively valorizing and promoting their new technologies via interactive concepts
Arne Smolders
Founder Academic Labs
very few people have the ability to unleash left brain power and right brain creativity at once. Harnessing this gift, I foresee Jasna Rok will shape part of our future designing unseen user interfaces, we currently still call fashion.
Professor Koen Kas
Visionary, Healthcare trendforecaster, international keynote speaker, ideator & creator - CEO In Bioveritas
My Best Of Show award for the TEDx Ghent event I attended yesterday goes to someone who didn't even speak: Jasna Rok. I was very impressed with both her work in fashion and her entrepreneurial spirit. Check her out, she'll be big soon.
Joachim Brackx
Creative Entrepreneur, CEO at VectoriaDesigns





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