Jasna Rokegem is an award-winning pioneer combining innovative fashion and cutting-edge technology. She founded Jasna Rok, the first FashionTech design lab in Belgium, which was created to reconcile advanced technologies with interactive fashion and does so by collaborating with technology partners globally. Her visionary thinking helps decision makers in different industries imagine how to come up with more sustainable solutions.

Jasna is fascinated by space and the idea of having one unique garment which becomes a living organism on its own, an extension of our bodies which creates a new way of human communication that reshapes our responses to our innermost feelings, a brand new dimension of interaction. The goal of her Lab is to combine different disciplines and to come up with groundbreaking new concepts to inspire new futures.

Jasna Rok has worked with companies all around the world : Nokia Bell Labs, Volkswagen, SAP, Nasa, GE,... and showcasing her work on many events within different fields as fashion weeks all over the world, technology conferences as SXSW, Tedx, Space Center Houston…

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As Jasna’s right hand and her background in Product design, Lola is usually to be found in the lab, experimenting with new materials, testing different processes and hacking existing tools.

She’s passionate about the application of technology into speculative design. When Lola is not prototyping in the lab, she’s probably practicing her deejay skills or working on her own collection unisex accessories and clothing.


Yonca manages operations and works on scaling the business and expanding JasnaRok into a global design studio.
She is the founder and CEO of Impact Shakers with which she helps build ventures on the intersection of impact and profit.


Nahuel is a Social Media & Marketing Consultant with more than 10 years of experience serving and helping leaders, executives, pioneers, decision-makers and teams from all over the world to succeed in their vision, strategy and impact.

At Jasna Rok’s he is in charge of skyrocketing and leveling up the social media and marketing growth and strategy.

When he’s not surfing on social media you can find him enjoying time with his family, playing basketball or strumming his favorite guitar.

Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.

Arthur C. Clarke


In our lab, we turn concepts into working prototypes, we make the future tangible and invite more people to join the debate of which future they want to see by using fashion as our interface.

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