When was your last “dream-coming-true-moment”?
Feel free to share yours in the comments). For me it was last week, opening the new exhibition “Bionic-me” at Space Center Houston , NASA and exhibiting two of my artefacts at the museum🤪. ‍With Jasna Rok we are working on the first steps towards integrating mental well being as an integral part of space suits and thus space travel. While we will have to be very selective in what will make up the gear for a long trip into space due to spatial constraints, space suits will definitely have to be a part of it. Integrating well being functions into these suits could be the optimal solution. Creating digital twins on earth so we can learn and monitor all types of health effects and prep the space travel pioneers for all the physical and mental effects will be essential to help identify the most pressing issues before they become unsolvable.🤦‍♀️ Read the article in @bloovi :

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